Wednesday, 30 August 2017

OLN Lawson Tech Girls are Superheroes - 2107 App Launch

On Monday August 21st,  at Our Lady of the Nativity, Lawson two teams of Tech Girls launched their apps - their entries in the Tech Girls are SuperHeroes Competition for 2017. The girls, who are Stage 3 students, celebrated at the school assembly with the school community and and at a special morning tea in the library with invited guests and their families.  Special guests included Trish Doyle, NSW MP for the Blue Mountains and Greg Whitby, Executive Director, Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta.   

At the launch,  the girls shared the app they had designed to engage others within in their own local community with finding solutions to global issues. As part of the curriculum, the girls design their app using App Inventor and also develop a business plan and a video pitch.  The teams were supported throughout the projects by their Teacher Librarian Maree Crawford. Additional assistance included 2 female Mentors from Accenture Technology and one of theDads, Joshua McKinnon. the students used Skype to connect with their mentors weekly- a very appropriate way the students can overcome the barrier of distance from Sydney.

We wish to congratulate both of this year's teams who entered the Tech Girls are Superheroes competitions. Preview their entries in the videos below

FIGURES OF HOPE: Lillie, Mikayla and Bridgette addressed homelessness and ways to provide support.

OUTSHINE THE SUN:  Chelsea, Gabe and Lizzy. Their app was concerned with finding solutions to climate change

"Outshine the Sun" App Team and planning

In undertaking this challenge students have developed skills and knowledge from the current NSW Design and Technology K-6 syllabus. They have also developed a broad range of contemporary learning skills - including communication and collaboration, personal and social capability, creative and critical thinking, ICT capability . The photos show some of their ideation phase as well as planning their interface design.

We are very excited to announce that the "Outshine the Sun" team are NSW State finalists for the Primary Section in 2017. This is the second year the students of Our Lady of Nativity have reached the finals. Last year their team scored second place. We wish them success at the NSW Techgirls are Superheroes Showcase to be held at Darling Harbour later this week.

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