Sunday, 25 February 2018

Leading Learners explore POPUP Science & Technology hub


On Friday 16th February a Pop Up STEM learning space provided Parramatta Diocesan Learning Leaders, Teaching educators and specialist teachers with some hands on learning experiences designed to introduce them to the new Science & Technology K-6 Syllabus which also incorporates the new Australian Curriculum:Digital Technologies.

The installation provided opportunities to explore the following inquiry questions suitable for a Stage 3 classroom,
  • How can electrical energy be transmitted and/or transferred? 
  • What types of energy transformations can v be observed Electrical -> light, sound, 
  • How can electricity be used in a product or system ?

Some of the inquiry focussed activities included: 
  • Designing and testing electric circuits using batteries, lights and switches 
  • Constructing simple circuits using Makey Makey and Scratch and testing the conductivity of various everyday materials. 
  • Programming Ozobots including colour coding and choreographing a Winter Olympics Ice Dance entry. 

A great deal of fun was evident, as were high levels of engagement, collaborative problem solving and task persistence. In a follow up professional learning meeting, we then discussed the syllabus and implications for our work, including the implications for our shared work in supporting literacy,numeracy and inquiry pedagogies eg PBL being implemented in our primary schools. A special thanks to the team from our Parramatta Diocesan Learning Exchange and our Science team for providing a stimulating introduction to the new syllabus.

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