Monday, 7 May 2018

Coding across the school at Chisholm - Part 2

Student understanding of coding and the outcomes of the work they have completed at Chisholm can be seen in the following videos.
From these videos you can see development in:
  • Coding language
  • Computational thinking
  • Application to real life
  • Iterative designs
  • Problem solving
  • Collaborative work
The narrative based activity allowed each student the creativity to explore coding without predetermined outcomes.  It provided student with autonomy around how they designed their narrative and determined the programming of their Blue-Bot.

Feedback from Teacher Librarian on impact on learning so far
  • Students have been able to show their thinking and then verbalise and express that as an algorithm.  
  • The simplicity of the blue-bots has meant that students are getting more depth in terms of creativity and understanding before they move onto more coding concepts.  
  • High level of engagement across all stages has been extraordinary. 
  • Social skills from working in groups of three
  • Language skills and directional knowledge
  • Can be easily differentiated and provide success for all students
This program is improving awareness among the school community of coding.
Parents are saying that their children talking about  the coding program at home and what they are learning.

Evaluation on learning for students
Feedback will be done early Term 2 with students providing feedback to each group about their code and suggestions for improvement, as well as feedback with the group and self reflection.

Student evaluation will be done via two methods means:

1.  A whole class activity:
  • 1-2 students: Their page is given to other students selected at random to set up the grid mat with the pictures, and another pair of randomly selected students enter the code using the page of code, not looking at the grid.
  • As a class we ask the questions and allocate the ticks: green tick - very successful, black tick - successful eventually, sad face - unsuccessful.

  • Class discusses the medals and missions and select the most relevant mission

    • 2. Self evaluation
      In addition to the whole class evaluating each group's code, each student will complete their own self evaluation.

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