Friday, 22 May 2015

Get inspired about coding in your classroom

This video shows how easy it is to get started in Primary with coding and the clear links to learning.

A great article called 'Why Code' points out the following about coding:
  • Simply put, it is a set of behaviours and procedures that solve a problem.
  • Engages, empowers and provides students with control over their tasks and their lives
  • Can be done in a 'low fi, hi fi and no fi environment'.
  • We already code in our everyday life when we read, follow directions etc.
  • Gives students the skills to work in the current and future world of technology

Sansing, C. (2015). Ode to Code. School Library Journal61(5), 42.  Access the article from our CEDP Ebscohost databases or email Learning Exchange

To get started borrow a bee-bot kit from Learning Exchange.

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