Friday, 26 August 2016

Coding with Blue-Bots at Holy Cross Glenwood

Holy Cross Primary Glenwood have been exploring the use of Blue-bots to develop problem solving skills through coding.
  • The slides immediately below show the development of their coding learning and how the teachers introduced the blue-bots and coding concepts.
  • Further on you can see the culmination of the children's learning in a narrative they developed and filmed integrating the coding concepts. ' The Blue-Bot adventure story'


The Blue-Bot adventure story

As a culminating piece of work Year 1 students created a collaborative Blue-Bot adventure story integrating their coding knowledge.  The process involved:
  1. Students wrote the story collaboratively (1 class wrote the beginning, another the middle and the other class wrote the end). 
  2. Students then painted the 4 settings in the story. 
  3. Students created the model for the story (using unifix cubes, tissue paper, paddlepop sticks etc.) 
  4. Next photos were taken of the 4 settings on the blue-bot app and the student's problem solved to create a creative set of codes for blue-bot to travel across the story. The students had to use the story as a guideline for their commands. 
  5. Lastly the story was filmed. 

The narrative adjacent is read along with the video below.  
Click the text image to download the full narrative.

Book week presentation

For the book week presentations there were narrators and the rest of the grade were the 'sound effects' so there was yawning as the sun rose up and the students created a crashing noise when the table collapsed, a triangle was used when Blue-Bot entered the enchanted path as well as the whoosh.

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