Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Power up your classroom coding with Blue-Bots

Blue-bots are the next iteration of Bee-Bots.  They add another level of features and functionality that provide students with an even better introduction to coding and control technologies.

If you have already been using Bee-Bots you would know of their use in learning for teaching sequencing, directions, computational thinking, coding, planning and problem solving and many other general capabilities across a range of curriculums

Blue-bots have all the same features as the Bee-Bot but have these other great features
  • Programmable wirelessly (via bluetooth) from an iPad App which allows the students to make connections about how programming works without having to actually physically interact with a robot/control technology.
  • The App has guided options providing a scaffolded introduction to coding as well as more open ended programming options to deepen learning.
  • Student can then utilise other Apps like Explain Everything to record/ capture images from the Blue-bot Apps to extend their thinking on their coding
  • Students can easily display their coding and share it with the class via Apple TV.
  • Students can create and upload their own maps to the App to use with the blue-bot  which means they can create their own narrative agains which they problem solve.
  • Students can save a limited set of their programs which provides them with a way to reflect and debug their program
  • Ability to add voice commands to help students reinforce connection with language.
  • 45 degree turns in addition to 90 degree turns.
  • A clear shell allowing students to see the workings of the robot.

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